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Conference on Gifted Education

October 15, 2022

Lindenwood University Gifted Education Program

Elk's Lodge Ozark, Missouri

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Gifted Resource Council​​

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We are an affiliate of the International FPSPI program.  ”Teaching how to think, not what to think.”  

Are you looking for supplies and tools for helping gifted students?  Visit our vendors and sponsors websites and links to find out more.  

PEGS (Program for Exceptionally Gifted Students) offers an enriched and highly accelerated learning program in the St. Louis Metro Area.  This is a public school program where exceptionally gifted students from many St. Louis school districts can learn with their age-level peers at their appropriate intellectual and academic level.  Lindbergh Schools and Pattonville School District both host programs.

The University of Missouri is pleased to offer gifted online courses required by DESE for a Missouri Gifted Certification and a full online Master's in Special Education with a Focus in Gifted Education.