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March 8, 2019               Mini-Symposium Region 8    Click Here for Flyer

                                                    Contact Tracey Bednarick for More Information                                                

March 29, 2019             District 2 Parent Night  Click here for the Flyer                                                           Contact Tiffany Rogers for More Information      

April 6, 2019                   Regions 3 & 5 Mini-Symposium  Click here for Flyer                                                Contact  Cassie Fogel for More Information     

April 12, 2019                 Region 7 Mini-Conference with Kansas

                                                Contact Megan Pinney for More Information     

April 13, 2019                 GAM Board Meeting in Camdenton

July 22-23, 2019              New Teacher Workshop at Drury

July 23, 2019                   GAM Board Meeting at Drury

September 14, 2019     GAM Board Meeting at Ritenour High School

October 11-12, 2019     Conference on Gifted Education at Ritenour High                                                 School  

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