TitleGAM MemberGAM District
Executive Board

PresidentDr. Tracy Bednarick-Humes
Executive Vice PresidentHeather Tomicich

Finance Vice PresidentShannon Fuller3
Conference Vice PresidentStefanie McKoy7
Membership Vice PresidentCindy Turner3
SecretaryJennifer Hawkins6

GAMbit ChairPosition Open
Scholarship ChairCrystal Koenig1
Teacher Education ChairMelissa Torres2
Technology/Website ChairPeggy Pennington7
Parent Network ChairMelanie Orr7
Legislative/Advocacy Chair
Meredith Wisniewski7

Executive Secretary
Legislative AdvocateKyna Iman
DESE Director of GiftedChristine Nobbe
Region Directors 2019-2020

Region 1  DirectorCrystal Koenig1
Region 1  Assistant Director
Ginger Beaird1
Region 2  Director
Justine Rogers/Brian Stuhlman2
Region 2 Assistant DirectorJody Thompson2
Region 3  Director
Jennifer Blank3
Region 3 Assistant DirectorKurt Austin3
Region 4  Director
Emily Woodall4
Region 4 Assistant Directorvacant4
Region 5  Director
Ashley Zeiler5
Region 5 Assistant DirectorSarah Mason
Region 6  Director
Michelle Bobo 6
Region 6 Assistant DirectorChristina Wallace6
Region 7  Co-Director
Holly Graves7
Region 7 Co-Directorvacant7
Region 8  DirectorHannah Noale-Ruebling8
Region 8 Assistant DirectorMary Blackwell8
Region 9  Co-Director
Marissa Cochran9
Region 9 Co-DirectorLori Peel9

Gifted Association of Missouri

Board of Directors

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GAM Board Bylaws

effective September 2015