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Success in the 2018 Legislative Session!


GAM was successful during the 2018 Legislative Session with the passing of Senate Bill 743 which contained the following provisions:
                                                                         This bill requires any district with an approved gifted education program to have a process, which must be approved by the district's board of education, that outlines the procedures and conditions under which parents or guardians may request a review of the decision that determined that their child did not qualify to receive services through the district's gifted education program. This bill also allows for the subject or whole grade acceleration of any student.

HB1435 –
HB 1435 -- GIFTED CHILDREN SPONSOR: Sommer                                                                         
This bill requires school districts to establish special programs for gifted children when a sufficient number of children are determined to be gifted and their development requires programs or services beyond the level of those ordinarily provided in regular public school programs.

GAM will be working with school districts to ensure that they comply with the new laws and adopt favorable policies for gifted students. 

GAM will continue advocate for legislation that would require all school districts in the state to provide services and programs for all gifted students.  


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In the State of Missouri, "gifted children" means those who "exhibit precocious development of mental capacity and learning potential as determined by competent professional evaluation to the extent that continued educational growth and stimulation could best be served by an academic environment beyond that offered through a standard grade level curriculum." RSMo. 162.675

GAM has actively supported the needs of high-ability and high-potential learners in Missouri since 1980. GAM provides teacher training, curriculum development, parent support, regional seminars and workshops, scholarships, student competitions, and awards. Further, GAM conducts an annual state conference for all Missouri stakeholders in gifted education. In addition, GAM employs a legislative consultant to advocate for gifted students at the state level and through the legislative process.  

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