welcome to the COVID-19 Resources section

To help teachers, students, and parents during the COVID-19 crisis, we have collected a set of tools and articles to help with continuing learning.  ​Please feel free to share additional resources that you have found useful through the Contact Us link at the top of the page.  

Resources for Parents

Vimeo--SENG Gifted School-at-Home during Covid-19 Using a Trauma Informed Approach

NPR Podcasts for Kids and Family

Mind Matters Podcasts

Resources for Extended Learning--STEM

Fantastic Contraptions Physics Game

PBS Kids Design Squad

Khan Academy

NASA Space Place

NASA STEM Resources for K-12 Educators


Resources for Extended Learning--Mixed Subjects

Smithsonian For Kids--Activities for all Subjects

National Geographic Classroom Resources--All Subjects

Stanford Online  

Resources for Extended Learning--ELA

MENSA For Kids:  Excellence in Reading (Lists and Suggestions)

Resources for Extended Learning--The Arts

Virtual Experiences

Common Sense Education Top Picks for Virtual Field Trips and Websites

Additional Resources
​NAGC YouTube Video Meeting the Needs of Gifted Learners at a Distance--​Focus on Grades 4-8

Maryville Center for Access and Achievement  YouTube Video  Teaching from Home For Student Engagement

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