GAM at the Capitol    

October 24, 2020

Don't forget to renew your membership!                                      Your membership is important.  It funds GAM's projects and adds more strength to our organization's voice.  Memberships are good for one year.  

The election will be held at the Annual Membership Meeting during the upcoming Conference on Gifted Education on October 24.  Join us there!

Meredith Wisniewski          President                      
Tracy Bednarick                   Vice-President
Shannon Fuller                    Finance Vice-President   
Cindy Turner                        Membership Vice-President
Ashli Eaves                           Conference Vice-President 
Megan Pinney                      Secretary  

GAM Slate of Officers

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Upcoming Events

September 12 GAM Board Meeting via Zoom

October 24  GAM Conference on Gifted Education

Watch for updates about what is happening in Jefferson City!

GAM Conference 2020 is going virtual!

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