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TitleGAM MemberGAM District
Executive Board

PresidentPeggy Pennington7
Executive Vice PresidentMeredith Wisniewski7
Finance Vice PresidentShannon Fuller3
Conference Vice PresidentAshli Eaves2
Membership Vice PresidentCindy Turner3
SecretaryGinger Beaird1

GAMbit ChairAlex Pagnani
Scholarship ChairLenae Lazzelle7
Teacher Education ChairCassie Fogel2
Technology/Website ChairKyle Weber7
Parent Network ChairMelanie Orr7
Legislative/Advocacy Chair
Michael Dragoni

Executive SecretarySue Peters7
Legislative AdvocateKyna Iman
DESE Director of GiftedChristine Nobbe
Region Directors 2019-2020

Region 1  DirectorCrystal Koenig1
Region 1  Assistant Director
Brein Bishop1
Region 2  Director
Tiffany Rogers2
Region 2 Assistant DirectorJustine Rogers2
Region 3  Director
Cassie Fogel3
Region 3 Assistant DirectorJennifer Blank3
Region 4  Director
LeeAnn Collier4
Region 4 Assistant DirectorTracy Murphy4
Region 5  Director
Breanne Preston5
Region 5 Assistant DirectorSophie Chambers 5
Region 6  Director
Jennifer Hawkins6
Region 6 Assistant DirectorMichelle Bobo6
Region 7  Co-Director
Megan Pinney7
Region 7 Co-DirectorKayla Fultz7
Region 8  DirectorTracey Bednarick8
Region 8 Assistant DirectorHannah Noale-Ruebling  8
Region 9  Co-Director
Jennifer Wahn9
Region 9 Co-DirectorMarissa Cochran9

GAM Board Bylaws

effective September 2015

Gifted Association of Missouri

Board of Directors