2015 District Workshop Info
2015-16 District Conference-Parents Info
District G's annual gifted education day for students and families
District G Family Conference Number 5

We tried something a bit different this year and had our conference on November 19th which was a weeknight.  It worked great!  No worries about the snow in January and no conflicts with sports events on a Saturday.  As teachers, we did miss Sue Winters and Ellen Wright’s teacher workshop, but I think we may try something different with that as well….after a brainstorming session or two.

The conference hosted 37 adults for Kyna Iman and Dr. Beth Winton’s presentation. We even saw David Welch there offering his insight throughout the evening.  Kyna did a wonderful job explaining to our parents the issues facing gifted education in the political arena and Dr. Winton held onto their attention with information on the new Gifted Advisory Committee as well as tips for dealing with gifted children.  The floor was then opened for specific questions from parents to Dr. Winton about dealing with classroom teachers, administrators and advocating for their gifted kids.  The conference was officially over at 8pm, however, Dr. Winton stayed for even more questions afterwards.  Thank you to both Kyna and Dr. Winton for making our District G Conference a huge success!

The student part of the conference went great as well! We had 35 students attend.  Tim Campbell with the Mid-Missouri Chess Academy had the kids’ interests peaked with his chess strategies.  Ann Seider was on fire with games around the world.  Thank you both for providing a challenging and fun evening for our students.

Finally, thank you to all of our volunteers that helped make this night happen.  Jefferson City has a strong gifted parent group who paid half of Tim Campbell’s fee for the evening.  We also had 3 parent volunteers:  Kristen Hilty, Nikki Veit and Jen Harper who kept the flow going at the registration, answered questions about the facilities, and made copies.  We had Sue Winters and Scarlett Richardson whose troubleshooting abilities kept the conference on track.  Elle Bennett, who was a student volunteer dear to my heart, did ‘go for’ duties and traffic control and finally a huge thank you to Ruthie Caplinger who organized the facilities for the event.  All of these people were instrumental in the success of our conference.

Finally, I want to congratulate Ruthie Caplinger as the new District G Director.  There was a short ceremony that included a tiara at the end of the parent presentation.  She will take over duties after our board meeting on December 5th.  
-Vicki Bennett

DESE, Gifted Programs: David Welch
Director: Ruthie Caplinger
Assistant Director: Anne Seider

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